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First, i love your blog. I can relate because i'm half Sudanese half Egyptian so im arab ! Lol ! I just ughh. I dont know i hve issues. I obsess over effing fouseytube ( Yousef saleh erakat) i literally have been a tubian for three years! I love him. But my dad especially thinks im stupid mama actually fangirls with me! Lol my question to you is, how can i be a good role model and a good daughter & still have my hobbies?

Thanks that’s so sweet! Well I don’t consider myself a perfect daughter or role model by any means, but surrounding myself with people who are Muslim or have similar morals is extremely helpful and humbling. That way when you participate in hobbies or anything, you have people with you who make sure you make the right decisions and stay true to yourself

What do you think of Muslim girls who don't wear hijabs

I mean I’m one of them so whatever floats your boat

I'm Sudanese as well and I'm still really confused about my race lol

I think its a personal thing, whatever you feel comfortable identifying yourself as. For example I identify as Sudanese, African, and Arab

Haha , I absolutely love your blog , im Pakistani and i can relate to literally most of the stuff on here :D


Im a british muslim and im 19, and I want to get married and I love the idea of sex. but no muslim man is interested I do like a british boy tho. what should I do?

I think if you’re interested and he’s interested in you, you should get to know each other. If you spend a lot of time together, he may become interested in the Islamic religion and even choose to convert one day. But you have to be really open and informative about it. It would also be good to learn his morals early on, so you know if he’s not only the type of man for you but a possible candidate of Islam. Good luck!

I hate being Muslim bc there are so many things I enjoy and love doing that I can't pursue as a career. Fml

Like what?

What do arab girls wear at home within a strict family

At home i can pretty much wear anything. I mean i can’t walk around in my underwear but I’m okay with that

Do you girls mastutbate since you can't have sex before marriage? Do you know if a lot of arab girls masturbate?

I mean how else are we supposed to break the chains of oppression

i hate the fact that i get 0 attention from boys, i live in Dubai and i'm sudanese? ( so you can assume how i look and what i look like lol dark skin terrible hair) and i feel really bad about myself

I’m not sure if you’re asking for advice? If so who cares honestly Arab guys can be so snobby, there’s a whole spectrum of beautiful men out there who’d love all of your features(: the guys here die for girls with natural hair (not a weave or perm)