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Eid Mubarak everyone!

Hope you all have good days (:

"Full blooded" Arab people trying to tell you Sudanese aren't Arab. Like??? Clearly have no understanding of Sudans complex history + their blatant anti blackness is showing. Smh.

It’s just annoying cause they think “Arab” means of a lighter(whiter) complexion w great hair when in all honesty it just means you can speak Arabic

Hi! First of all, I really love your blog !!! I am a muslim girl aged 16 living in France and I have a non-muslim boyfriend , my parents don't know that but I'm feeling extremely akward and ummcomfortable because I know it's bad to have a boyfriend... I am the only one who's feeling like that?

Definitely not! It would be for sure awkward if I was in the same situation

Why do you calls arab if you are from Africa? Im confused

Cause there are people in Africa who speak Arabic??

Thanks for the advice but no I can't talk to them. They aren't exactly the most understanding people on earth and they'd probably flip...

I understand. Well first why do you not want to wear it?

Your blog is a pretty accurate representation of my life. It's hilarious, nice work (:

Thank you so much!!

Okay so I need some serious help/advice whichever. I have a very strictly islamic family and I am not like that I believe in islam and stuff but I hate wearing the hijab. I take it off without my parents knowing for sports events and other occasions. I'm thinking of taking it off for school like leaving the house with it on and taking it off at school and putting it back on before I get home. I'm afraid of getting caught though and I really don't know what to do. Please help.

You can try and tell your parents that you’re not ready to wear the hijab yet. You shouldn’t have to be forced into wearing one if you’re not ready. The commitment is between you and Allah and if you decide to wear it than it should be because you want to please him. If your comfortable with it you can tell your parents that you can ease into wearing the hijab by wearing it x times in a week/month/or whatever you decide. They should be able to understand that, inshallah, and respect you for coming to them instead of sneaking around.

I hope everything works out for you!

I absolutely love this blog!!!! I know you get this a lot but I now live in the US and in my particular city there are not a lot of middle eastern girls I can relate to, so this blog is wonderful!! Thanks for making me feel not alone!

Aw, thank you!

Just to be clear انا عرﺑﻲ ﺃصل ﻭﺩﻡ(I am full blooded arabic) That being said, I do not intend to be racist. But Sudanese are not arabs. We are two different races, but than again we are all muslims.

Arab is not a race LOL

Can muslim girls date non muslim guys

It is said that muslim girls are not supposed to marry non muslim guys cause the kids generally follow the father’s lead