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When you say "Middle East" I think you mean Lebanon, Syria etc. But trust me, Egyptian parents are terrifying, sooo overprotective. The rest are really fun parents haha

I feel like there’s strict and looser parents from every country haha

Hey!I just want to say that it doesnt matter wether the tampon breaks the hymen or not because in any case youre not actually losing your virginity. Some girls can break their hymen while horseback riding,that doesnt mean they're not virgins anymore.I think that it has to be a sexual act.But I totally get what you mean by it being culturally unacceptable because some men are too quick to judge or assume that just because their thing entered easily and smoothly it doesnt mean that she lost it.

Yeah I completely agree, I feel even though it may be a physical “loss of virginity” you still are a virgin considering you haven’t had sex. But again, sometimes people just follow old traditions/ culture and mindset

I'm a muslim girl and was just wondering why we can't wear tampons? (I want to know before I ask my mom if she could get me tampons instead of pads)

Concern by conservative parents about the hymen (symbol of virginity) breaking. It’ll depend what kind of mom you have if she’ll let you or not, so you should ask anyway.